It’s finally here! Manny SOS is available to buy as an ebook and paperback!

It’s strange to think that the niggling idea I had for a reality TV show romance novel that took the best bits of Supernanny (ie—not the dubious child advice!), Mary Poppins, then smushing it with Queer Eye actually came into fruition.

No matter how much the idea lived rent free in my brain I thought it was a silly idea that no one would want to read about.

Then I happened to mention it to a friend and she persuaded me to run with it, and believe me it had many different reincarnations before it became Manny SOS!

My main hurdle was—If the mannies aren’t going into families to give childcare advice what are they there for?

It kind of came about organically as I wrote after that. Most working parents I know need help to look after their kids during the school holidays—but what if there was a single dad who didn’t have a network of friends and family to help? What if there was no childminder or holiday club he could take them to?

So mannies who come and help for the school holidays was kind of born. And it might evolve and change as the series go on, but it gave me a basis to start from and I had loads of fun putting Aiden, Carter and the kids in front of the cameras!


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