Manny SOS Exclusive Short Story

Hi Everyone, thanks for popping along! My new novel Manny SOS, is going to be out in a few short days! Here is an exclusive short I hope you enjoy! And if you haven’t already, go check out the companion short story Mystery of the Missing Socks at Love Bytes Reviews!

Can We Keep Him? by Andi Lee

“Can you believe it took them so long to find the socks?” Luke whispered as he snuggled into his duvet and looked at his brother lying on the bed opposite.

Ryan snorted, and Luke winced. His brother was always so loud. “Shhh!” He slapped his finger to his lips and glared. “Stop being noisy. What if daddy hears and comes to check on us?”

Ryan sat up. “He’s downstairs watching TV with Carter. Can’t you hear it? It sounds bo-ring.”

Luke pulled himself into a sitting position and tapped the nightlight, so it was a bit brighter. Though not enough that their daddy would be able to see it through the gap under the door. They’d learned that the hard way.

“Adults are so stupid,” Luke said with a shake of his head when he was sure neither daddy or Carter had heard them. “I would have found the socks a million years ago.”

Ryan giggled behind his hand. “Me too! It took them a bazillion years to find ’em!”

“I know! I laughed whenever they sat on the swingy chair!”

“You know what we should do next? Hide Carter’s socks,” Ryan slid out of his bed and jumped onto Luke’s and they got under the covers together.


“So he doesn’t leave.”

Luke wasn’t sure that would work. He really didn’t want Carter to leave. Carter was so much fun. He hadn’t believed it at first. But he knew loads of games and he had a camper van full of toys!

“What if he just buys new socks, like he did for us?” They needed a really good plan to get him to stay forever and ever.

Ryan rolled his eyes and flopped onto his back. “Maybe we need to hide something more important.”

“His Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle slippers?”

“Something even more important than that…His rainbow suspenders. Or his camper van!”

Luke wasn’t sure how they’d manage it, but that sounded awesome! Getting Carter to stay, and possibly driving the camper—how cool would that be?

The best part, though? It was Ryan’s idea so there was no way he’d get in trouble for it.

“Do you know what would be mega amazing with cherries on the top?” Ryan said.


“If we could get Carter to be Daddy’s boyfriend. He wouldn’t leave then.” That would be even better than driving a camper.


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