Writing during lockdown

In lockdown I wrote the 0 draft of Animal Lark 3…then put it away until this week because I felt like it had a different feel to the first two books. And I wasn’t sure about it.

So I started writing Manny SOS and left it on the back burner. I figured now Manny SOS is done and waiting to be published I should dust it off, so I just started to give it a read.

And it’s not as bad as I thought it was. It does feel different—but not necessarily in a bad way (hopefully). It’s slightly more grittier, a little spicier and can you guess who it’s about?

He wasn’t supposed to even be part of the series, but he jumped his way in and wouldn’t let me leave him out so he got book 3!

Tigger—remember him from Mischief Maker and Risky Business? Possibly not! He’s the owner of the Drunken Duck where the guys drink and play ukulele and he just wouldn’t leave my head! (He’s so smug right now!)

Anyway, it’s not as bad a draft as I thought it was going to be, though it still needs a rewrite.

Of course I might change my mind when I’ve read further along—I tend to write very saggy, twisted middles and I’ve only just read to the halfway mark.

This is what you get when you’re a pantser I suppose!


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