Why do I love rats?

rats collage

Draven,  Razorblade, Romance, Ludo & Selkie

When I was ten we visited Somerset, England. I was out shopping with my parents and we saw a punk with a green Mohican and a huge white rat on his shoulder. I was completely amazed and became intrigued by them ever since. I’d had hamsters before, but they definitely wouldn’t ride my shoulder like that!

Then a friend got a rat when we were about 12 and I got to hold him and really see how wonderful they were.

I was  15 when I finally got my first pair of rats (not featured above because this was before I had the internet, and I’ve got no photos on the computer!). I’ve had them as pets on and off ever since. I’ve had them from petshops, breeds, rescues, and they’ve all been such fantastic pets.

They make such wonderful, loving pets that want to play, have cuddles and eat treats. I had rats during my second year of university and they were so sweet natured that my flatmate who was scared of rats fell in love with them.

If anyone is thinking of getting a rodent as a pet, then rats are so interactive, and so sweet.

My current rat, Asher sits on the sofa with me and gives lots of cuddles when I’m writing or watching TV. He loves food, especially banana chips.



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