How is it 2019?

Happy New Year everyone!
I’m still a little stunned that it’s 2019 already. Surely it was only 5 years ago since I was studying Theatrical Makeup in my first year of college, in 1999?
Time really does fly when you’re…studying, working and getting swept up in real life!
So what if my first year of college didn’t lead to a career creating monster make-up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it did help with my love of stories, writing, and put me on the path towards studying creative writing at uni, and lets face it–came in damned handy for Halloween!
2019 is going to be a writing year for sure. I’ve spent over ten years dabbling at writing, wishing I could do it seriously, but never really giving it the time and attention to make that happen. This year I’m putting writing first, without guilt for not seeing family and friends as often. As very wise characters on a very gripping Children’s TV show once sang… Just Say No.
I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember; despite going to uni to study creative writing, I never really thought  I could ever be a one. Writing was something other people did, but after nearly 14 years of dedicating my life to other people’s books, to acting like writing was an unimportant hobby, I’ve realised if others can find the time to write, then so can I.
So, I’m going to say no, I’m going to stay in, or go to coffee shops and just write, I may forget to vacuum or let the dishes pile high in the sink, but lets be honest–I’d probably let that happen anyway!
Have a super Writerly 2019 everyone!

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